Q: Can the EV Reel be used as a Shore Reel?
A: No, this is not possible; these are different socket types. Therefore we have two different and individually specialised reels.

Q: Is it possible to fixate the reel in the car boot, and how do I do that?
A: We have three options for fixation, depending on boot type and preferences. There are velcro strips on the bottom of the dockingstation that attach very easily to almost any boot. If you are using a plastic or rubber cover like in most countries, we have an additional set of velcro to tape on the plastic/rubber mats. The last option is a sleep looking bag with velcros and carabiner hook.

Q: Can you use the reel while charging?
A: No, it is not safe to leave the cable on the reel while charging; a coiled cable is at risk of overheating and must always be rolled out.

Q: Does the reel have electric rolling?
A: Not yet but we are working on it.

Q: Is the cable included?
A: No, the cables need to be purchased separately.

Q: What is the maximum cable length?
A: Please go to our product pages where we show a compatibility list.

Q: What type of plugs are compatible?
A: Type 2 on the side of the charger / type 1 & 2 on the side of the car.

Q: How do you roll on the cable?
A: Take the plug out of the charger and insert it in the EV Reel. Tilt slightly to the left and start rolling the reel. You can find instructional videos here.

Q: The reel fell out of my hand and is damaged, can I use it?
A: Please do not use a damaged reel as you can injure yourself or you can damage the charging cable.

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