Our story began in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

When Arjen Pot bought his wife’s first Electric Vehicle, he was thrilled by the eco-friendly choice. However, he soon noticed the daily challenges posed by charging cables. Juggling charging sessions during meetings left his wife with dirty hands, messy clothes, and frustration, impacting her mood before important engagements.

Determined to find a solution, Arjen explored existing options but found none up to his standards. Motivated by his desire to simplify his wife’s experience, he took matters into his own hands. With creativity and determination, Arjen set out to design a cable management system compatible with all EV charging cables.

After numerous trials and collaborative brainstorming with an engineer, Arjen’s vision became a reality—the EV Reel. This innovative product offered convenience and functionality, meeting all his criteria. Encouraged by positive feedback, he patented his invention, marking the first step toward an efficient cable management solution.


EV Reel, embraced warmly by car manufacturers, importers, and car-appliance importers, has earned trust as a reliable partner. Teaming up with EVReelUK, we’re recognised for our innovative, affordable, and high-quality products.

From our bustling production and warehouse facilities in Amsterdam, we tirelessly craft top-notch cable management solutions for EV cars, hybrid cars, campers, electric boats, shore cables, and more. What distinguishes us is our commitment to sourcing materials locally within the EU, ensuring excellence in every product proudly made in Europe.

Yet, it’s not just about products—it’s about people. Our dedicated sales teams in Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Hong Kong stand ready to assist, ensuring your needs are met with care and attention. Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Sustainability of the environment creates new means of transportation, which forces us away from the traditional petrol station, yet we need to recharge our EV at various locations. Being thoughtful about the environment sometimes takes some more effort, and frequently charging your EV comes with the job.

EV Reel and EVReelUK are committed to ease the frustration and the issues of this extra effort, by providing top-notch products at an affordable price. That thought designed the cable management system, also always committed to source for sustainable ecological materials and to cut down waste to a minimum.

“The EV Reel / EVreelUK collaboration now launches the EV Reel and the SHORE Reel. The EV Reel is intended for the EV cars, hybrid cars, and light commercial electric vehicles. The SHORE Reel has been designed to serve the maritime market, for electric boards, shore cables, and more.”

EV Reel Cable Reel Features


Collects the plug when winding up the cable


Prevents the reel from spinning when plugging into and out of the EV plug head


A handy place to store your charge card


An ergonomic handle providing excellent grip when winding and unwinding the cable


The reel saves space: the base station prevents the reel from sliding and is help in place with Velcro


Cable guide: by tilting the EV cable reel, the cable falls into the body of the drum and rolls itself up easily


Drive Electric. Be Prepared.

Take every opportunity to charge your EV despite snow, rain or any other reason not to do so. We see the world as our heritage, and we want to leave it better than we found it. That is why we take it upon ourselves to resolve problems and excuses in our daily lives so we can have altogether a better tomorrow. Together with you all we believe we can overcome all hurdles. First step in his effort to crate an efficient cable management system.



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